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We can help you in identifying the platforms and marketplaces that are best suitable for your products and geographical area. We further assist you in setting up and doing continuous management of your shops on multiple marketplaces and maximize your brand's presence.

Featured Services 

Proactive Shop Management

Since we partner your sucess, we strongly belive in a proactive approach. We keep a watch on functionality changes on all marketplaces. Further, we recommend our clients on how new changes can benefit their shops and implement these changes.

Maximize Sales

We leverage the promotional and PPC features of all the marketplaces to ensure your products are discoverable on relevant searches through sponsored advertisements. We also work with our clients to market outside your shops and popularize it to maximize your sales.

Integrate Shops

If you are planning to sell on multiple marktplaces then managing inventories, creating products lists and fulfilling orders can become a daunting task. We can help you in integrating your shops using various integration tools like Linnworks, Sellbrite, SellerActive etc

Amazon Store Management

Amazon is almost similar to Google with only one difference that visitors on Amazon are real buying people. Typically, the visitors on Amazon have already done the prospecting and are now ready to purchase. Hence, it is very important to improve the placement of products in customer searches, making them easily searchable. Well-chosen strategies can increase the product’s visibility and thus sales.

eBay Store Management

eBay is the second best selling marketplace available globally. However eBay has a different algorithm to rank the product lists. The strategies to gain the attention of buyer are also different. Starting from creating outstanding storefront design, creating optimized cross promoted product lists to creating PPC campaigns within eBay, we do it all to help you a great sales boost. We work with you on a continuous model to take away the stress of routine eBay store management activities.

How we collaborate?

A product ready business needs avenues to increase sales and of course one of the options is to build a secure ecommerce website to get sales, however with significant amount of sales transactions now taking place on marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Dwanda, etc., it is important to be present on these platforms too. We set-up stores on all marketplaces and integrate them with the websites. Store set-up is part of overall Sales growth strategy and we work in tandem on harnessing the integrated and combined power of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing to influence buyers to visit the marketplace store and make the purchase.


We begin by collaborating with our clients to undertsand their business goals.


Then we analyze your market and competition landscape to create a solid strategy.


Lastly, we implement the solution as per the strategy and plan of action.

With our continous engagement model, we work with our clients every month to review the results and make the best use of new opportunites available.

Manage your business from one place

We can help you select and implement the right solution from so many platforms available to integrate the shops on markeplaces and your own e-commerce websites.

and many more…

Sell more, Sell fast with broadened exposure.

Share your business goals with us

For committed sellers and manufacturers who are providing best products and best services, established marketplaces are providing a great selling opportunity. We can help you in making the most of these platforms.